The manufacturing division of RAIL EXCLUSIVE models

The impetus behind the creation of SUTTON’S LOCOMOTIVE WORKSHOP (the manufacturing division of RAIL EXCLUSIVE models) was born out of a long-running frustration with existing model railway products. The project was initiated at a time when, in contradiction to the upward trajectory of other hobbies, railway models were declining in quality, detail and accuracy. General disinterest in product development and detail enhancements (remember the design clever moniker?) has since been replaced by over-optimistic announcements and dramatic price rises.

SLW is geared up to manufacture premium-level models by pushing tried and tested engineering principles to their limits and introducing simple, long-wanted innovations, especially in the fields of digital control and sound. By virtue of concentrating on basic body shape and doing a ‘proper job’, the result is hopefully a definitive, value-for-money product that is effectively future-proofed.

The saying goes: ‘If you want something doing properly, then do it yourself.’ This is exactly what the SLW team has done. We meticulously research and design our products in England and use the very best engineers and toolmakers in Europe and the Far East. Our skilled factory technicians, in our high-tech Chinese assembly plant, are the final link, bring our models to fruition.

Our first locomotive, the BR Sulzer Type 2 (Class 24) in 4mm scale, was launched at the end of 2015 and has met with critical acclaim. The first ever ready-to-run model to be made available in a choice of ‘OO’, ‘EM’ or ‘P4’ gauges out of the box, it has seen several iterations so far, all with accurate period and number specific detailing.


Put simply, our models have been made to a museum-quality standard never before seen in the UK and incorporate an incredibly high element of hand-assembly in order to satisfy the demands of the discerning modeller and collector. Working to a specification, not to a price, we have endeavoured to reduce the areas of compromise to an absolute minimum and have been amazed at what can be achieved by investing in a world-class manufacturing set-up.

This website acts as our on-line sales portal. For currently available models to purchase, please visit the SLW section of our webshop here.

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