Company background

RAIL EXCLUSIVE has a fine pedigree in model railways. Launched as a stand alone business in 2010, it encompasses the retailing division of Foursight Publications Limited and was established following the sale of the company’s highly rated monthly magazine, Rail Express. The magazine’s successful limited edition model business was not included in that sale and was therefore re-organised as a separate concern. RAIL EXCLUSIVE has continued to grow in the intervening years, and now provides sales support for our own SLW manufacturing division, UK distribution of the premium ZIMO DCC range, and the management of other specialist projects.

Track record

Philip Sutton (Director) and Jamie Walsh (General Manager), have an impressive track record, having worked with all the major 4mm scale manufacturers, including some that are no longer with us. Philip is a well known face on the railway scene, having started in railway publishing during the 1980s at EMAP – on Rail Magazine and as the editor of ModelRail – before launching, editing and managing Rail Express and Rail Express Modeller for 15 years. Jamie has an exceptional level of product knowledge and takes pride in running an efficient operation, with a background in logistics and customer service. The business of model commissions began way back in 1990 with Lima before growing to include Hornby, Bachmann and Dapol, as well as overseas firms like Heljan and ViTrains. A full list of previous RE-promoted items is given in our ‘Past Models’ section.

Industry links

The RAIL EXCLUSIVE staff have been responsible for more than 40 limited edition models and made-to-order specials that have included not just locomotives but freight stock as well. During this time, the company has built up close personal relationships with train operators – including Direct Rail Services, DB Cargo, First Great Western, Freightliner, GB Railfreight & Virgin Trains to name a few – in order to ensure models are correctly licensed and accurately reproduced. Several projects have seen charity organisations benefit and we are keen to re-invest in the hobby and railway preservation.

Manufacturing arm

Our typical strategy is to push for constant improvement. This was apparent in our ground-breaking arrangement with Bachmann that saw the introduction of new tooling to represent the former split-headcode Class 37/5 & Class 37/7 locos. Similarly, we worked with Vi-Trains to upgrade its Class 47 allowing us to represent the modified locos used by Direct Rail Services, including the Northern Belle liveried machines. Bespoke DCC sound has also become one of our specialisms. Increasing costs and quality control issues associated with commissions led to the setting up of our own manufacturing division in 2015 – Sutton’s Locomotive Workshop launching with the highly successful premium-level Class 24.