Our exclusive premium sound projects

Installing a sound decoder in a model significantly increases its price. We believe it should also correspondingly increase its value. In our experience, too many sound-fitted models have been sold which fall very short of this expectation. We set ourselves the difficult challenge of providing the ‘best ever’ sounding models, together with as much user-configurability as possible. In both these regards we believed our aim has been achieved, thanks, in no small part, to ZIMO’s cutting-edge technology and the skill of Paul Chetter, who is widely regarded as the UK authority on ZIMO sound programming. The results are our exclusive premium sound projects — starting with the ETH Class 47 — that should satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding diesel fanatic. More projects will follow in due course.

Sound packs to suit all scales

We can offer these sounds on a range of ZIMO decoders to suit all models and scales. These Austrian-made ZIMO decoders are widely acknowledged for their high quality and functionality and bring with them a number of innovative features that we have exploited in our projects. We’ve made selection simpler by offering the correct chip and speaker for fitting into any type of model, irrespective of scale or manufacturer. Powerful and rich audio output is not the only ZIMO benefit; Our ‘OO’ & ‘O’ gauge sound decoders include ‘electronic flywheel’ circuitry which, when linked to the included energy storage capacitor, improve slow-speed running reliability and remove lighting flicker, as well as maintaining sound continuity over dirty track.

Realistic driving and numerous user options

Several driving styles are possible including direct ‘throttle’ response and an alternative ‘manual notching’ mode which work alongside the new and revolutionary proportional brake function, which debuted on the SLW Class 24 model. This intuitive braking system, alongside ZIMO’s coasting and step down features run the risk of changing your perception of DCC sound forever! There is even a light engine mode with adjusted power thresholds and reduced momentum to replicate the more responsive nature of a loco operating in this way.

• More than 20 popular sound functions provided
• Revolutionary proportional braking button
• Incredibly realistic coasting control
• Playable and two-tone warning horns
• Flange squeal, detonators and station announcements
• Prototypical pre and post-engine start checks
• Light engine mode with reduced momentum
• Electronic flywheel circuit (not available in N gauge)
• Power-matched speaker (not available in O gauge)

Class 47 sound packs

Our first sound offer is for the ETH-equipped Class 47. As well as that unforgettable rising and falling 12-cylinder, four-stroke exhaust beat, expert recording and editing has honed that distinctive high speed ‘flutter’ and signature warning horn note! These recordings correctly reproduce the higher engine idling speed of these sub-classes.

Sound kit for ViTrains ‘OO’ gauge models (ZIMO47-VT)

Comprises a ZIMO MX645R (1.2A, 3W) 8-pin NEM652 pre-loaded sound decoder, wired 2200μf capacitor and 28x40mm matched loudspeaker in bespoke laser cut mounting frame. The 8-pin chip can also be used in the older Heljan product or with the connector plug removed, hardwired into any 4mm scale model. £99.00

Sound pack for Bachmann ‘OO’ gauge (ZIMO47-BM)

Comprises a ZIMO MX644D (1.2A, 3W) MTC 21-pin pre-loaded sound decoder, 220μf capacitor, speaker wire and 20x40mm matched loudspeaker. Compatible with Bachmann models, this requires installation work including wiring the speaker and capacitor (if required) to the PCB and securing the speaker. £99.00

Sound pack for Graham Farish ‘N’ gauge (ZIMO47-GF)

Comprises ZIMO MX648F (0.8A, 1W) pre-loaded sound decoder, and 8x12mm miniature ‘sugar cube’ loudspeaker. This is the most effective solution for this scale but involves significant installation work. £99.00

Sound decoder for ‘O’ gauge and above (ZIMO47-KS)

A ZIMO MX695KS high power (6A, 10W) pre-loaded sound decoder and large 4700μf capacitor. This highly specified chip is fitted with screw terminals and has a wide variety of function outputs suitable for lighting and a smoke generator. It is suitable for large models such as 7mm scale double-motored Heljan, DJH kits etc. Significant installation work is required. Matched speakers are available from us separately. £179.00