WE WOULD LIKE to acknowledge the following organisations for assistance with the production and promotion of our products:

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Vi-Trains (Manufacturer) www.hobbyco.net
Barrowmore Model Railway Group (club) www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk
Simon Glancey (Product graphics) www.wwrgallery.co.uk
Replica Railways (Manufacturer) www.replicarailways.co.uk
Great Western Society (Preservation centre) www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk
Bachmann Europe (Manufacturer) www.bachmann.co.uk
Dapol (Manufacturer) www.dapol.co.uk

WE ALSO EXPRESS our sincere thanks to the following photographers who have allowed us to use their material on this site: Tony Buckton, Brian Daniels, Simon McComb, Peter J Robinson, Phil Sangwell and Carl Watson

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