L/E No. 6

Class 66/5 No. 66501 in Freightliner green

CLASS 66s ARE A COMMON SIGHT these days but back in 1999 they were still a novelty. Having watched EWS order a new fleet of locos and make significant gains, Freightliner followed suit and we were on hand to assist with the production of an officially licenced model. The Lima product – the only model available at the time – depicted the company’s first ‘GM’ in its distinctive eye-catching green and yellow livery complete with accurately scaled brandings. It was just as successful as the preceding Class 57.

Class 66/5 No. 66501

Ref: L/E No. 6
Manufacturer: Lima
Catalogue Number: 205229
Issue Date: December 1999
Loco Name: Unnamed
Livery: Freightliner Green
Quantity produced: 750
Status: Sold Out
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