L/E No. 18

Class 66/3 No. 66301 (Fastline Freight)

IT IS CLEAR THERE IS POTENTIAL for developing existing themes and the Fastline Freight Class 66/3 is a direct result of this. When the Jarvis subsidiary expanded its business into coal haulage and announced an order for five low-emission EMDs, we were already working with Bachmann on making the necessary changes to the existing model’s light clusters. The resulting product was as equally as popular as the Hornby Class 56 that preceded it and was notable in being our first release that offered a factory-fitted sound option. We still have an outstanding request for the matching Fastline coal hopper wagons and hope Bachmann announces the base model in ‘OO’ as soon as it can despite Fastline having since gone bust.

Class 66/3 No. 66301

Ref: L/E No. 18
Manufacturer: Bachmann
Catalogue Number: 32-979Y & 32-979YDS
Issue Date: November 2009
Loco Name: Unnamed
Livery: Fastline Freight
Quantity produced: 1000
Status: Sold Out
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