L/E No. 12

Class 47/2 No. 47237 (Direct Rail Services)

WITH CUSTOMERS MAKING SHORT WORK of our previous Direct Rail Services models, it was a ‘no brainer’ to develop the theme when the Carlisle-based freight operator expanded its motive power fleet to include Class 47s. Following the feedback of our previous release, Heljan were quick off the mark to assist us in producing No. 47237 which was the first of a small fleet of four of the type being trialled by the company. The model will carried prototypical Oxford blue livery, matched to actual paint samples, as well as representations of the various DRS logos including the large bodyside branding complete with website address.

Class 47/2 No. 47237

Ref: L/E No. 12
Manufacturer: Heljan
Catalogue Number: #4697
Issue Date: December 2003
Loco Name: Unnamed
Livery: DRS Original
Quantity produced: 750
Status: Sold Out
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