S/E Pack E

Loadhaul Class 37/7s machines – ‘double the fun’

This celebration in black and orange provides locomotives of both nose end variations and allows for prototypical double-heading of the heaviest freight trains.

RUNAWAY WINNER IN OUR POLL for Class 37/7 liveries was the bold black and orange scheme of Loadhaul, the name given to the regionally organised Trainload Freight North in 1994 pending its privatisation.  The company operated a significant quantity of ‘heavyweight’ Type 3s, primarily on duties to and from the important industrial centres on Teesside and Humberside.  These were allocated to the large traction maintenance depots at Thornaby and Immingham.

Although there were only seven Class 37s painted in these colours, the sheer popularity of Loadhaul amongst both enthusiasts and modellers prompted us to commission two of these in one twin pack. Although this may seem extravagant, demand has proved us correct and we have gone to considerable trouble to ensure the two models incorporate some significant detail differences.

No. 37713 (in multiple with No. 37516) passes Holywood, north of Dumfries on the G&SW route, whilst returning empty HAA hoppers from Tyne Yard to Ayr Falkland Yard on May 28th, 1997. Peter J Robinson

No. 37713 was one the Loadhaul launch locomotives, unveiled for the first time to the public at the July 1994 Doncaster Works open day.

It is interesting from a modelling perspective in that it wears the initial livery with asymmetric front end yellow paint on its flush-fronted nose ends which the replaced the original headcode boxes when it was refurbished during 1988.

No. 37884 carries the later version of the scheme but on a Robert Stephenson Hawthorn-built superstructure with plated-over single central headcode panel fitted with marker lights.  This models correctly displays divided cantrail grilles, smooth welded roof panels and new Class 60-style buffer heads.  The Gartcosh name, commemorating the Scottish steelworks, was transferred to the loco in 1992.  Etched stainless steel nameplates are included.

No. 37884, clearly displaying its Gartcosh nameplates, takes the 6V14 Saltend to Baglan Bay tanks past Hessle Road Junction on June 17th, 1998. Hull FC’s old Boothferry Park floodlights dominate the background.
Tony Buckton

Both models variously utilise new tooling commissioned by RAIL EXCLUSIVE including the revised bodysides, flush-fronted nose ends and riveted construction roof, the last two elements of which first saw use on our earlier Class 37/5s and met with widespread acclaim.

The production quantity was finalised in late 2010 and these models will never be re-issued.

Class 37/7 No. 37713

Ref: S/E Pack E
Manufacturer: Bachmann
Catalogue Number: 32-390Y/YDS
Issue Date: March 2011
Loco Name: Unnamed
Livery: Loadhaul
Quantity produced: Made to order
Status: Sold Out
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