S/E Pack D

Class 37/7s provide pre-privatisation livery variety

Pushing the boundaries still further, these models incorporate further upgrades to Bachmann’s Class 37, allowing the important ‘heavyweight’ freight variant to be recreated.

FOLLOWING ON from our amazingly successful venture that brought you the first new generation ‘OO’ gauge Class 37/5 ‘flush fronted’ freight locomotives, comes this obvious progression.  In addition to taking most of the revised tooling from our previous investment, we have now developed further enhancements to the Bachmann model to provide an improved bodyshell depicting the 44 locomotives modified in 1986 for heavy freight work and renumbered in the 377xx and 378xx ranges.  These machines became colloquially known as the ‘heavyweights’ due to the installation of extra ballast weighting to increase tractive effort.

The new body, with refined tumblehome detail and the removal of side windows and footsteps, will be employed exclusively in two shadow privatisation period ‘twin packs’ available only from us and scheduled for a late 2010 release.  The choice of three ‘shadow privatisation’ colour schemes – Loadhaul, Mainline and Transrail – for these initial releases was as a direct result of a popularity poll carried out last year.  Bachmann will not be releasing any other Class 37s in these liveries until these models are sold through and it is our intention to provide further sub-sector and post-privatisation liveries in due course.

To avoid disappointment due to expected high demand, these packs have been produced as ‘made-to-order’ special editions and cannot be split.  The final quantity, defined by pre-orders received by June 2010, has now been set and the production run has been fixed in the knowledge these specific locos will never be produced again.  However, to ensure anyone who missed the initial advertising is not disappointed, RAIL EXCLUSIVE has made provision for a small additional quantity as an unallocated contingency.  These are now being released for general sale.

Following exceptional demand and good feedback from previous releases we are again able to offer a limited number of packs with pre-installed DCC sound chips.  The models will be based around the latest Class 37 specification with etched radiator fan grille, all-wheel drive and DCC socket.

Class 37/7 No. 37702

Ref: S/E Pack D
Manufacturer: Bachmann
Catalogue Number: 32-390X/XDS
Issue Date: March 2011
Loco Name: Taff Merthyr
Livery: Transrail
Quantity produced: Made to order
Status: Sold Out
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