L/E No. 19

Class 37/5 No. 37670 St Blazey T&RMD (DB Schenker red)

‘THE GERMANS ARE COMING’ was the cry that went up when the first locomotives were turned out in Deutsche Bahn verkehrsrot (traffic red) livery after the purchase of EWS in 2007. Despite initial comments that rolling stock would not be repainted, the company had a limited change of heart. Two Class 37s were amongst the few machines so treated because their poor external condition created a bad impression when working charter trains. We chose to reproduce No. 37670 in model form with the full support of DB in Berlin. Both locos rarely worked after the repainting and were soon withdrawn but that didn’t stop the model being a sell out!

Class 37/5 No. 37670

Ref: L/E No. 19
Manufacturer: Bachmann
Catalogue Number: 32-381P/PDS
Issue Date: November 2009
Loco Name: St Blazey T&RSMD
Livery: DBS Red
Quantity produced: 1000
Status: Sold Out
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