L/E No. 14

Class 31/1 No. 31130 Calder Hall Power Station (Railfreight Coal)

HORNBY’S ‘NEW GENERATION’ DIESEL strategy continued with the Class 31, announced at the end of 2004. This provided further sales opportunities as far as we were concerned and, continuing the freight theme, we chose to replicate a loco wearing the black diamonds of the Railfreight Coal sub-sector. Notably, our model was also the first ever variant of the new Hornby product in refurbished guise with headcode boxes. Also included was a bumper pack of etched detail items including the double deck nameplates, arrows and depot plaques. A further bonus was that the actual locomotive had been preserved and restored to these exact same colours.

Class 31/1 No. 31130

Ref: L/E No. 14
Manufacturer: Hornby
Catalogue Number: R.2526
Issue Date: February 2006
Loco Name: Calder Hall Power Station
Livery: Railfreight Coal
Quantity produced: 1000
Status: Sold Out
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