L/E No. 9

Class 24 No. 97201 Experiment (Research Department)

THE INTRODUCTION of Bachmann’s new Class 24 model in 2001 heralded an explosion of interest in the type. Whilst the manufacturer concentrated on mainstream liveries, we saw an opportunity to do something a little out of the ordinary. Whilst withdrawals were to see the class removed from BR revenue traffic by the late 1970s, Derby’s Railway Technical Centre commandeered the former No. 24061 in 1978 for use as test train motive power. It performed in this role, as No. 97201, until the end of 1987 during which time it was painted in the Research Department’s eye-catching red and blue colour scheme and given the name Experiment. Our release included waterslide transfers for the painted nameplate.

Class 24 No. 97201

Ref: L/E No. 9
Manufacturer: Bachmann
Catalogue Number: 32-425Z
Issue Date: November 2001
Loco Name: Experiment
Livery: Research Department
Quantity produced: 750
Status: Sold Out
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