Gateshead’s No. 03371 – Newcastle station pilot

Based on the Eastern Region for all its BR life, No. 03371 was unique in being the only loco with conical exhaust to be fitted with both vacuum and air brakes.

Built at Swindon Works, this shunter was unusual in that it was originally given the ER Departmental identity of No. 92, reflecting its initial use at Chesterton Junction Engineers’ Yard, Cambridge, from July 1958. Almost nine years to the day since new, on July 30th, 1967, No. 92 was transferred to regular capital stock and renumbered as D2371, working off nearby Cambridge depot.

No. 03371 on Newcastle station pilot duties during its time allocated to Gateshead TMD


Less than a year later it migrated north to Yorkshire.  Here it would spend the next 15 years working from several bases including Bradford Hammerton Street and York where, in February 1974, it was renumbered 03371 under the TOPS computerisation programme.

December 1983 witnessed a further move, this time to Tyneside.  Along with other members of the class based at Gateshead, it was employed on station pilot and local freight trip duties around the North East. Withdrawal came in November 1987.  However No. 03371 avoided the scrap yard by virtue of private preservation and can now be found at Rowden Mill Station, between Worcester and Leominster.

The dual-braked machines were a popular choice for station pilots and our model represents this shunter during its later life allocated to Gateshead, when it was often rostered in this roll at Newcastle Central station. The finishing accurately reflects its appearance at the time, including the reduced number of marker lights, double warning horn, black bufferbeams and, of course, the distinctive air reservoir tank and compressor cabinet.

The production run has been delivered and these models will never be re-issued.

Class 03 No. 03371

Manufacturer: Bachmann
Catalogue Number: 31-360X
Issue Date: March 2011
Loco Name: Unnamed
Livery: British Rail Blue
Quantity produced: 512
Status: Sold Out
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