‘Tunnel Twins’ 33050 & 33056

This late condition ‘Crompton’ duo looks superb by virtue of their Roundel-designed Railfreight Construction livery. Who can resist those blue and yellow squadron markings?

A SPLASH OF COLOUR arrived in 1988 with the appearance of the first of a dozen overhauled ‘Cromptons’ for Channel Tunnel materials trains. Remember, these were the days before the Class 60s! Railfreight triple-grey with the prominent blue and yellow ‘building blocks’ branding of the Construction sub-sector looked good on the veterans as they plied between Isle of Grain and the TML’s Shakespeare Cliffe terminal with their Channel Tunnel concrete segment trains.

Our high profile pairing comprises a couple of ‘namers’ - Nos. 33050 Isle of Grain & 33056 The Burma Star – which also saw extensive use on other traffics. In fact, the period was a bit of an ‘anything goes’ as the type was commonly substituted for the unreliable Class 50s on the Waterloo-Exeter route and was increasingly in demand for railtours. Heljan never produced a Construction ‘33/0’ so our models will not feature printed nameplates or plaques (only etched separates) as these were removed in later years. This course of action simplifies renumbering if required.


Full model specification (Pack 33D)

  • Remastered bodyshell depicting modified roof layout
  • Authentic roof cross-section taken from measurements
  • Accurately positioned cab front and side windows
  • Improved detail inc. vents and marker light lens twists
  • Etched metal bodyside radiator grilles (see-through)
  • Radiator aperture with framing (visible through grille)
  • Photo-etched metal roof fan grille
  • Painted metal lamp irons
  • Redesigned bufferbeams with chequer-plate steps
  • Metal-headed sprung ‘Oleo’-style round buffers
  • Underframe improvements inc. bogie front crossbeam
  • Plastic detail parts inc. snowplough and exhauster pipe
  • Complimentary etched brass underframe detail fret
  • Diecast chassis with flywheel-fitted five-pole motor
  • Smooth four-axle drive and eight-wheel pick-up
  • Directional headcode and head/marker/tail lighting
  • Late design fuel tank and clipped battery box cover
  • Accurate representation of Railfreight sub-sector livery
  • Sharp lettering and painting inc. new roof effect
  • Supplied with free etched stainless steel nameplates
  • Wide range of headcode inserts and descriptions
  • DCC sound (ESU) and DCC-fitted options (Lenz)
  • ‘Made-to-order’ special edition low-volume production
  • Special packaging with full-colour signed certificate

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  • Prices:
    Standard: £199 + £4.95 P&P (Recorded Delivery)
    DCC sound: £399 + £4.95 P&P (Recorded Delivery)

Info and Status

  • Manufacturer: Heljan A/S, under contract to RAIL EXCLUSIVE
  • Catalogue Nos: 33D (Standard) & 33DDS (Sound).
  • Status: In development. Available to pre-order.
  • Delivery: Expected late 2012.


  • ‘Made-to-order’ production run
  • Fully remastered bodyshell
  • Accurate roof cross-section
  • Photo-etched roof/side grilles
  • Stainless steel worksplates
  • Optional plastic detail parts
  • Optional sound-fitted version
  • Working directional lighting
  • DCC socket (8-pin)

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