Past models

Previous editions

Remember these? A comprehensive list of past models

RAIL EXCLUSIVE, through its parent company Foursight Publications, has a long history of commissioning Limited and Special Edition models, stretching back to the mid-1990s. Although all the items described here are no longer available from us they may turn up from time to time in second-hand shops and through private sales. For the benefit of our growing band of collectors – and after numerous requests – we have pleasure in providing a comprehensive listing of all our previous items. The information includes running numbers, manufacturer’s catalogue reference and production run quantities where appropriate.

It is an interesting exercise to trace the evolution of the hobby through these models with the initial heavy reliance on Lima, through the emergence of Heljan to the improved standards now offered by Hornby. Bachmann has come to the fore especially after a round of improvements to the Class 37 that prompted us to invest in the Class 37/5 and Class 37/7 projects. Product information will be transferred to this archive and removed from the ‘current’ pages as and when items are sold out.

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