FEA 'twin' container flat wagons (Fastline Freight)

Special Edition

BECAUSE THE FASTLINE CLASS 56 had proved so popular with customers, we contacted Dapol in early 2008 to enquire about its proposed ‘OO’ gauge FEA ‘twin’ container wagon. With research input and a confirmed order for a quantity of Fastline wagons (the Class 56s were employed with this wagon type on container trains), the project got the green light. Demand surprised us all and in the end nine different wagon packs were produced all with different running numbers.

Wagon A: 643001+643002
Wagon B: 643005+643006
Wagon C: 643007+643008
Wagon D: 643009+643010
Wagon E: 643013+643014
Wagon F: 643015+643016
Wagon G: 643019+643020
Wagon H: 643021+643022
Wagon I: 643023+643024

The success of the project went some way to offsetting the considerable amount of work that went into the approval process but it did result in a very presentable model.

Manufacturer: Dapol

Issue date: January 2009

Catalogue Number: See text

Quantity produced: Made to order

Status: SOLD OUT