Class 37/7 painted samples on show but delivery delayed

Tuesday, 14th December, 2010

Bachmann informs us it is now busy manufacturing our Class 37/7s in China after we approved - with minor amendments - the first painted samples. Unfortunately pressure of work on other products has seen the factory schedule slip back with a delivery date of February 2011 now being advised.

THERE’S GOOD NEWS and bad news to report on our Class 37/7 project. Getting the bad news out of the way first, Bachmann have now provided a revised delivery date of February next year. We pretty much expected this since there will be very little making it through from China to the UK before the New Year, with the Christmas holiday shutdown getting in the way. We can only apologise if anyone hoped to have these in their Christmas stocking and Bachmann have done the same, citing pressure of work. This does have a significant impact on us because of the VAT rate change. However, we will NOT be putting the prices up to reflect this, instead absorbing the rise ourselves.


And now on to the good news – the models look excellent! The first painted samples were thoroughly examined and a ‘snag list’ of minor corrections advised to be incorporated into the production painting process. Everyone who has seen the locos has been impressed with the level of detail and the colourful, well reproduced, liveries. The Loadhaul pairing is particularly striking although the Mainline machine has met with the most admiring glances. It may be less glamorous but the Transrail loco certainly has a little something ‘extra’ with its unusual rectangular buffers.

We’ve uploaded plenty of images of the painted locos the gallery and include a couple more in a layout setting. New with this story and on the product pages is a short video of the locomotives in action. When we placed the final order we did include a few extra packs to take into account any latecomers. We can still take orders for both twinpacks in standard and sound-fitted options but the unreserved packs are being allocated every day so don’t leave it too long. Give us a call now on 01780 470086.