Class 33/0 No. 33051 Shakespeare Cliff in ‘Dutch’ livery

Limited Edition No. 2

‘CROMPTONS’ ARE ALWAYS POPULAR and during 1996 there was heightened interest in the former SR machines as the type was slated for withdrawal by EWS. No. 33051, operated by the Civil Engineers department, was one of those selected to take part in the series of farewell rail tours, and had already visited many unfamiliar parts of the country. The Type 3’s yellow and grey livery was ‘spruced up’ with a new light grey roof making it an ideal candidate for a model. The plan nearly backfired when the loco was repainted blue just as the model was released!

Manufacturer: Lima Models

Issue date: March 1997

Catalogue Number: 204756

Quantity produced: 500

Status: SOLD OUT