'Northern Belle' & DRS 47s - get on the reserve list

With ViTrains now on its summer recess, we have just recieved the latest Class 47 body samples showing the improvements that have been incorporated into our series of exclusive new releases.

WE CAN REPORT that all pre-orders for our ViTrains Class 47 models have been despatched, the majority arriving with customers just in time for Christmas. Believe us when we say that was hard work with some long nights involved in the run up to the Royal Mail Christmas deadline!

All the models have been exceptionally well received and have met with approval from the firms involved. We are also glad that ViTrains has done such a good job of making the tooling improvements, brining the Class 47 bang up to date. Many customers have also contacted to us to say how delighted they are with their new purchases, especially the sound version.

So, at this stage (early-March), we are now dealing with a few loose ends and would encourage the dozen or so customers who have not received their orders yet to contact with updated payment details – credit and debit cards may have expired or changed since placing the order and when we tried to charge them. We have e-mailed, but after one last letter going out in the next few days, the items will be returned to stock and then offered to waiting new customers on a first come, first served basis.

Once these remaining orders have been dealt with, we will be releasing any remaining stocks of the five models (47790 & 47832, 47813, 47853, 47810) for general sale at the end of March, including to new customers. DRS are kindly allowing us to fulfil some of this demand directly from its promotional allocation.

If you haven't done so already, and you would like to purchase one or more of the unallocated models (in Sound, Chipped or Standard DC versions) then please contact us on 01780 470086 with your requirements and ask to be added to the growing 'reserve list'. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee success, but we will endeavour to do our best, treating the waiting list in strict order. Allocation of available models is expected to start taking place at the end of March but not beforehand, so if you have already left your name there is no need to ring again.

Pressure of work has meant that we have not had a chance to post up the full sound manual as of yet, but if you need more user notes, over and above those supplied with the model, then please e-mail us on sales@railexclusive.com for more information.

We've also had a couple of reports of locos derailing. This has been traced to the brake rigging coming loose. Please make sure it is clipped in place on the bogies. Additionally, make sure the unused snowplough mounting brackets are not fouling the bufferbeam when turning. One or two models we have seen have had these in a high position that may restrict rotation. They can be bent down slightly with a pair of small pliers or removed completely with side cuttters.

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