'Northern Belle' Class 47s – last chance to buy

With ViTrains now on its summer recess, we have just recieved the latest Class 47 body samples showing the improvements that have been incorporated into our series of exclusive new releases.

WE ARE PLEASED to advise that pre-orders of our Class 47s in 'Northern Belle' and Direct Rail Services liveries have been brisk and can report that the DRS examples (47813 & 47853) are now SOLD OUT, although we are operating a waiting list in case we get any unexpected supply since we have a small contingency built in for possible damages during transit for Italy.

The situation with the 'Northern Belle' twin packs (47790 & 47832) is that we only have about 12 packs left unreserved, so hurry and ring if you want one but have not placed an order to date. Remember these models will not be repeated. With daily enquiries, we expect this supply not to last more than a week or so, now that Hornby has released the matching coaches (which we also have good stocks of at the moment). Details of the Northern Belle pack can be found here

Although there will now be a 'short intermission' whilst month long holidays are taken in Italy, we do now have some bodyshell samples. These show the revised cooler group area which has been completely reprofiled and will be fitted with photo-etched stainless steel grilles, similar to the Class 57s. In fact these are a new design, and the grilles used on the Class 47s are differently dimensioned. Additionally, the bodysides are now correctly devoid of footsteps and water filler plates whilst the former headcode panels have been removed and replaced with marker light assemblies which sit proud of the surface just like the prototype. LED-style tail lights are also depicted. These pictures show samples with hand-fitted parts - some small details may change before production.

New ETH sound recording have also been made ready for an enhanced version of our already popular Class 47 ZIMO sound installation.

For more details, download our PDF flyer here or visit the Class 47 section of the website

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