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Wednesday, 1st June, 2011

GWR175 Class 57 moves closer as sample arrives

There's good news on our GWR 175th anniversary project as all approvals are made and the production of the green Class 57 model begins in China.

The Brunswick Green Class 57/6 model, commissioned from Bachmann last year by RAIL EXCLUSIVE and the Didcot Railway Centre is, at long last, in production. The final painted sample model of the GWR175 celebrity loco arrived for comments last week and, after a number of minor oberservations were communicated, manufacturing has now begun in China. The model itself looks suberb with its orange and black lining standing out well on the dark green body. The running gear features white bogie piping and white walled tyres. Etched brass name and numberplates are on their way and special presentation boxes are currently being made up.

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Wednesday, 30th March, 2011

Class 37/7s now being despatched... and a warning!

As some of you will have already realised, there's good news to spread with the arrival of our long awaited Class 37/7 models from Bachmann. Despatch is now in full swing but see below for a couple of important messages.

GREAT NEWS! Our special edition Class 37/7 'Heavyweight' model twinpacks have arrived and we are busy sending out pre-orders as fast as we can. Despite being six months overdue, we are delighted to finally have these superb looking models in our hands. We can now confirm that all pre-orders that were paid for by cheque or credit card have now been sent by recorded delivery. If you are yet to receive your models and you think you have already paid then please contact us immediately as we do have a number of packages waiting to go but for confirmation of updated card details. It's natural that during the wait many credit and debit cards have been replaced, expired or changed bank so do let us know as soon as possible by calling 01780 470086.

Sunday, 6th March, 2011

Bachmann reveals its new 2011 product range

LIve reporting from the Hobby & Model trade event at Coventry Ricoh Arena

UPDATED 15.40 WITH MORE PICTURES. With Bachmann Europe providing the majority of our base models for limited editions, there is plenty of anticipation surrounding the 2011 catalogue, revealed this morning at the trade-only Model & Hobby Show. As one of the company's largest customers, RAIL EXCLUSIVE was priviledged to be invited to attend and reports live from this trade-only event. We will provide a brief overview and product listing, updating our posting throughout the day with images of any noteworthy products on display, so please remember to refresh your page.

A BUZZ OF EXCITEMENT fills the air prior to any major manufacturer's range enhancement announcement as we wait to see what surprises, if any, are in store. After Hornby's Christmas Day announcement's, which recieved some strangely critical reviews despite the current economic situation, Bachmann's day has now come. As is now traditional, the new catalogue is revealed to trade customers on the first day of the Model & Hobby Show, which this year is again being staged in the exhibition centre housed inside Coventry Football Club's impressive Ricoh Stadium.

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Friday, 4th March, 2011

UPDATE: Class 37/7 delivery schedule latest

According to Bachmann, our long-awaited Class 37/7 special edition twinpacks should be with us in the next few weeks!

Yes, after months of waiting, Bachmann Europe has advised that our Class 37/7 'heavyweight' locos are finally en route and should be with us by the end of March. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and can realistically say it will be worth the wait. Unfortunately Bachmann's well publicised production delays in China are out of our control and there is little we can do to speed things up.

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Monday, 14th February, 2011

When the plane actually looks like a train...

An amusing interlude from Germany as Deutsche Bahn promotes a new rail and air through ticketing arrangement by painting two aircraft in railway liveries!

GERMAN RAILWAYS has joined forces with low-cost airlie Tui-fly to promote a new 'Rail & Fly' intiative that lets travellers purchase combined train and airline tickets, allowing seamless connections to and from most destinations in Germany. A nice publicity stunt to launch the service was the recent re-livery of two Boeing 737 jet aircraft in railway colours! Of course, here at home, we are used to such schemes going in the opposite direction with Virgin, but it still would be nice to see what First Capital Connect or Gatwick Express colours would look like on an airliner...

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Monday, 17th January, 2011

RAIL EXCLUSIVE on-line shop open for business!

Our new on-line shop is now open for business allowing you to purchase and pre-order items securely over the internet 24/7.

AS WE CONTINUE to expand our mail order business (the products listed on this site are available exclusively from us and nowhere else), it became obvious we should make the purchasing process as simple as possible, especially for those who may have difficulty in telephoning during normal working hours. To this end, we have today launched our on-line shop - just click on the 'visit shop' link at the top of the page.

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Monday, 17th January, 2011

Big rush on Class 03s but stocks still available

There's been a big rush on Class 03s but stocks still available of both BR blue examples

WE HAVE NOTICED, over the last couple of weeks, a rush on Class 03 shunters with several customers purchasing both of our special edition BR blue locomotives. Apart from the uniqueness of our models, it is clear that the blue livery is proving exceptionally popular.

It is worth noting that Bachmann's own catalogue item is out of stock at its warehouse and a number of the major retailers are listing this item as 'sold out'. With production delays and no indication when, or even if, a re-run will be produced, our Nos. 03160 & 03371 look doubly attractive.

Monday, 17th January, 2011

Class 37/5 DRS twinpack SOLD OUT!

SOME MODELLERS HAVE clearly started 2011 with a resolution to get the trains running, perhaps treating themselves using Christmas money. The DRS Class 37/5s (comprising Nos. 37510 & 37688 Kingmoor TMD) are proving to be a particularly popular choice. Having been reduced to single figures already, we can inform you that recent sales have been such that we have now SOLD OUT!

Tuesday, 14th December, 2010

Class 37/7 painted samples on show but delivery delayed

Bachmann informs us it is now busy manufacturing our Class 37/7s in China after we approved - with minor amendments - the first painted samples. Unfortunately pressure of work on other products has seen the factory schedule slip back with a delivery date of February 2011 now being advised.

THERE’S GOOD NEWS and bad news to report on our Class 37/7 project. Getting the bad news out of the way first, Bachmann have now provided a revised delivery date of February next year. We pretty much expected this since there will be very little making it through from China to the UK before the New Year, with the Christmas holiday shutdown getting in the way. We can only apologise if anyone hoped to have these in their Christmas stocking and Bachmann have done the same, citing pressure of work. This does have a significant impact on us because of the VAT rate change. However, we will NOT be putting the prices up to reflect this, instead absorbing the rise ourselves.

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Wednesday, 13th October, 2010

GWR green Class 57 is new Didcot limited edition

It's the announcement you’ve all been waiting for! Didcot Railway Centre is to join with us to commission a special commemorative model from Bachmann to mark the 175th anniversary of the Great Western Railway. There’s also the chance to win a trip on the 'Night Riviera' sleeper.

IT'S BEEN AN EXTREMELY BUSY few months since we launched the RAIL EXCLUSIVE brand. Lots of exciting developments are in the pipeline but the first to come to fruition is this ‘OO’ gauge limited edition Class 57.

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Friday, 15th October, 2010

Class 37/7 engineering samples approved

We’ve been given the opportunity to have a good look over the first samples of our new Class 37/7s in order to approve the new tooling that will debut on these models. The four locos all passed with flying colours, exhibiting the correct combinations of roof, sides and grilles as can be seen in our video.

RAIL EXCLUSIVE takes pride in making sure our models are as accurate as possible. That’s not only because our reputation is on the line every time we launch a product but because we think our customers deserve the upmost attention to detail. Our new Class 37/7 twin packs are a prime example of this as these images of Bachmann’s test mouldings (known as ‘EP’ or ‘Engineering Prototype’ samples) show.

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Tuesday, 1st June, 2010

New Bachmann Class 03s are looking smart

The decorated samples of our two Class 03 shunters have arrived by courier for final approval of the paint application and decoration. Bachmann has done a fine job not only on the livery but also on the rest of this
brand new model, which means that it should prove a big hit when it is released in the early autumn.

A SURPRISE DELIVERY from Bachmann today, was the approval samples of our special edition ‘OO’ gauge Class 03s. Here we present the first image of this brand new model in all its factory-decorated finery. In the short time we had available to examine our examples, we’ve concluded that this totally reworked shunter will be a sure-fire winner.

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