Large logo Class 47s both sold out - stock update

The duo of Scottish large logo Class 47s have met with widespread approval, prompting a quick sell-out

THE TELEPHONE LINES have been hot over the last couple of weeks as customers snapped up our last stocks of our Special Edition Class 47/4s. Despite increasing our original order quantity the small contigency disapperaed in a matter of days. Inverness No. 47617 was deleted from our inventory last week and the very last Eastfied No. 47636 was sold on Monday. Despite numerous pleas, they will not be repeated and all stocks are exhausted - sorry. We are considering further models so if you have a suggestion let us know.

Both original livery Railfreight Distribution Class 47s have also sold out, and there is less than a handful each remaining of RfD 'European' (blue roof) machines V2109 No. 47555 and V2110 Un-numbered. These are, of course, available in standard, chipped or sound-equipped versions.

There is good news however, and the personal need for further original RfD locos by RE's boss has led directly to a discreet (small) run of an exciting new variant. V2107A, available from stock today, is a Class 47 in original 'double diamond' triple-grey colours but with later exposed bufferbeams and extended range fuel tanks. Without names, arrows, numbers or plaques it is ideal for a good proportion of the RfD fleet and can even be used in EWS days when plaques and arrows were often removed. Essentially, this is V2107 No. 47365 Diamond Jubilee but devoid of embellishments and ideal for personalisation. A selection of photo-etched plates and number transfers are included. Don't hang around, they won't stay on the shelf for long...

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