Friday, 29th May, 2015

DRS 47s - SOLD OUT, 'Northern Belle' - SOLD OUT

With almost all outstanding orders satisfied, and payment plans allocated, the Northern Belle & DRS Class 47 project draws to a close

THANKS to those who have come back to us in recent weeks, we can report that both our Direct Rail Services Class 47s and 'Northern Belle' twin packs are now entirely SOLD OUT.

Wednesday, 4th March, 2015

'Northern Belle' & DRS 47s - model supply update

With ViTrains now on its summer recess, we have just recieved the latest Class 47 body samples showing the improvements that have been incorporated into our series of exclusive new releases.

WE CAN REPORT that all pre-orders for our ViTrains Class 47 models have been despatched, the majority arriving with customers just in time for Christmas. Believe us when we say that was hard work with some long nights involved in the run up to the Royal Mail Christmas deadline!

All the models have been exceptionally well received and have met with approval from the firms involved. We are also glad that ViTrains has done such a good job of making the tooling improvements, brining the Class 47 bang up to date. Many customers have also contacted to us to say how delighted they are with their new purchases, especially the sound version.

So, at this stage (early-March), we are now dealing with a few loose ends and would encourage the dozen or so customers who have not received their orders yet to contact with updated payment details – credit and debit cards may have expired or changed since placing the order and when we tried to charge them. We have e-mailed, but after one last letter going out in the next few days, the items will be returned to stock and then offered to waiting new customers on a first come, first served basis.

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Monday, 4th August, 2014

NB/DRS Class 47 update - Hurry! Only a few left

With ViTrains now on its summer recess, we have just recieved the latest Class 47 body samples showing the improvements that have been incorporated into our series of exclusive new releases.

WE ARE PLEASED to advise that pre-orders of our Class 47s in 'Northern Belle' and Direct Rail Services liveries have been brisk and can report that the DRS examples (47813 & 47853) are now SOLD OUT, although we are operating a waiting list in case we get any unexpected supply since we have a small contingency built in for possible damages during transit for Italy.

The situation with the 'Northern Belle' twin packs (47790 & 47832) is that we only have about 12 packs left unreserved, so hurry and ring if you want one but have not placed an order to date. Remember these models will not be repeated. With daily enquiries, we expect this supply not to last more than a week or so, now that Hornby has released the matching coaches (which we also have good stocks of at the moment). Details of the Northern Belle pack can be found here

Although there will now be a 'short intermission' whilst month long holidays are taken in Italy, we do now have some bodyshell samples. These show the revised cooler group area which has been completely reprofiled and will be fitted with photo-etched stainless steel grilles, similar to the Class 57s. In fact these are a new design, and the grilles used on the Class 47s are differently dimensioned. Additionally, the bodysides are now correctly devoid of footsteps and water filler plates whilst the former headcode panels have been removed and replaced with marker light assemblies which sit proud of the surface just like the prototype. LED-style tail lights are also depicted. These pictures show samples with hand-fitted parts - some small details may change before production.

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Thursday, 22nd May, 2014

'Northern Belle' & DRS 47s selling extremely quickly

Just six weeks after we announced our upgraded ViTrains Class 47 project to reproduce Direct Rail Services and Orient Express-Northern Belle limited editions, we are delighted to say that over 90% of the production run has already been reserved.

THERE HAS BEEN a fantastic response to our Northern Belle and Direct Rail Services Class 47 announcement. In just over six weeks we have been innundated with enquiries resulting in over 90% of the proposed production having been pre-ordered. It is particularly interesting to note that the DRS locomotives are proving just as popular as the Northern Belle twin pack with the DCC sound option surpassing our expectations. If the current level of orders is maintained then we will likely have to close the order book in the next month so please do not delay. Details of the Northern Belle locomotives can be found here, whilst the DRS model info is here

Regular correspondence is currently taking place with ViTrains, and the factory is well advanced with the tooling modifications needed on the roof for the new cooler group. Drawings have been made and revised and new tooling is being made, ready to accept the stainless steel photo-etched radiator grilles.

If you are still deliberating over placing an order for these limited editions then don't leave it too long as the available models are reducing daily.

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Thursday, 3rd April, 2014

Remodelled 'Northern Belle' & DRS Class 47s launched

Having commissioned major changes to the ViTrains Class 47, RAIL EXCLUSIVE is pleased to reveal a special collaboration with Direct Rail Services and Orient Express-Northern Belle that is to see the production of a series of highly detailed and authentic limited edition models in these attractive liveries.

AS A DIRECT RESULT of the continuing success of our 'OO' gauge Class 47 models, which proved immensely popular throughout last year, we have been inundated with special requests for further items. In response to this, and official enquiries, we have great pleasure in announcing the production of no less than four new locomotives in conjunction with, and full endorsement and official licencing of, Direct Rail Services and Orient Express-Northern Belle.

Luxury train twin pack

Scheduled for late summer release, we will be producing a very exclusive 'limited edition' twin pack of ViTrains Class 47 locomotives decorated and detailed to represent No. 47790 Galloway Princess and 47832 Solway Princess - the two Pullman-liveried machines that are dedicated to haulage of VSOE's prestigious 'Northern Belle' luxury train. With special packaging and numbered certificate, this pack will include premium extras such as a full suite of photo-etched number and nameplates plus Pullman crests. The production run is being offered on a limited-time basis before going on sale (if any remain) more widely via Direct Rail Services and VSOE as a commemorative gift item.

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Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Large logo Class 47s both sold out - stock update

The duo of Scottish large logo Class 47s have met with widespread approval, prompting a quick sell-out

THE TELEPHONE LINES have been hot over the last couple of weeks as customers snapped up our last stocks of our Special Edition Class 47/4s. Despite increasing our original order quantity the small contigency disapperaed in a matter of days. Inverness No. 47617 was deleted from our inventory last week and the very last Eastfied No. 47636 was sold on Monday. Despite numerous pleas, they will not be repeated and all stocks are exhausted - sorry. We are considering further models so if you have a suggestion let us know.

Both original livery Railfreight Distribution Class 47s have also sold out, and there is less than a handful each remaining of RfD 'European' (blue roof) machines V2109 No. 47555 and V2110 Un-numbered. These are, of course, available in standard, chipped or sound-equipped versions.

There is good news however, and the personal need for further original RfD locos by RE's boss has led directly to a discreet (small) run of an exciting new variant. V2107A, available from stock today, is a Class 47 in original 'double diamond' triple-grey colours but with later exposed bufferbeams and extended range fuel tanks. Without names, arrows, numbers or plaques it is ideal for a good proportion of the RfD fleet and can even be used in EWS days when plaques and arrows were often removed. Essentially, this is V2107 No. 47365 Diamond Jubilee but devoid of embellishments and ideal for personalisation. A selection of photo-etched plates and number transfers are included. Don't hang around, they won't stay on the shelf for long...

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