Class 47 DCC sound kits: Sulzer sounds for all!

Due to popular demand we have released our ZIMO Class 47 sound project as a range of ready-to-fit kits, enabling modellers to install sound in almost any Class 47 model.

Imagine the scene: Having avoided the Foreman's office, you're wandering quietly around the shed recording the identities of the machines undergoing maintenance whilst trying to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible. You pause to frame a couple of locos in the camera viewfinder when, amid the fug, a Brush Type 4 bursts into life, its distinctive Sulzer engine sending out a beat that echoes around the walls. There's muffled voices, a slam of a cab door and a headlight pierces through the exhaust smoke. Then, the unmistakable 'spoon' warning horn sounds as the big diesel starts to rumble forward, the rails squealing in protest...

Due to demand, we are now offering our acclaimed Class 47 sounds to everyone! We have been bombarded by modellers wanting to retro-fit sound in our previous products and also eager to try them in other ready-to-run items such as those from Bachmann and Heljan. As a direct result, this exclusive sound project, as employed in our ViTrains 'Special Edition' models, is now available for purchase ONLY from us on ZIMO decoders – widely acknowledged for their quality and functionality. And we've made life easier by selecting the correct chip for fitting into any type of Class 47 model, irrespective of scale or manufacturer. We truly believe we've produced the best Brush Type 4 sounds to date, reproducing the instantly recognisable Sulzer exhaust beat and distinctive off-key warning horn note. Match this with new ZIMO driving techniques and you have a winning combination!

We've come up with four packages suitable for the most popular models and scales although they do require varying levels of installation work. These range from the 8-pin version designed for the ViTrains 'OO' model through to a powerful sound decoder suitable for the double-motored Heljan 'O' gauge model. A 21-pin pack for the Bachmann 'OO' product should prove popular and is complemented by a miniaturised offering intended for the Graham Farish 'N' gauge model. The 'N' & 'OO' gauge products are competitively priced at under £100. There's a host of other benefits derived from the Austrian-made sound decoders including 'electronic flywheel' stay alive technology that improves reliability over dirty track and extra function output for further customization.

Our new large logo Scottish 'special editions' are available with the sound decoder already fitted for you.

The most comprehensive driving and sound instructions ever produced are also included so there is no need to be apprehensive if you are new to DCC or sound. For additional information just wander over to our product page which outlines all the benefits and specifications as well as giving you a video clip taster. And, don't forget, these sounds are also available as a 'factory-fitted' option on our latest Railfreight Distribution and Scottish Large Logo ViTrains Special Editions. Call us on 01780 470086 for more details or to place an order.

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