Go ‘large’ with these iconic Scottish-based Class 47/4s

Following on from the incredible success of our quartet of Railfreight Distribution Class 47s we are delighted to reveal that we will be offering two further ViTrains models in the coming months, as a direct result of repeated customer requests.

WE TAKE GREAT PLEASURE in announcing our first 'OO' gauge model locomotive commissions for 2013: A pair of Scottish Region Class 47/4s in 'large logo' livery, complete with Highland Rail Stag and West Highland Terrier motifs! Yes, we've decided to recreate one of the most widespread liveries on the passenger Class 47s in the form that enthusiasts regard as the most enduring - that of named Inverness and Eastfield machines wearing their iconic depot emblems. They are both available to pre-order now.

Inverness allocated No. 47617

Although the completion of the RfD 'Double Diamonds' project means that all the major liveries have now been covered by the Italian manufacturer, we have bowed to pressure and have placed an order for a further duo of Class 47s. This time, passenger operations north of the border are the theme and the locos will feature the popular 'large logo' paint scheme carried during the 1980s. Demand appears to be strong since ViTrains has produced this livery just once before - several years ago - as No. 47401 and only then in its preserved guise. That model has long sold out and is hard to find even on the second-hand market. Additionally, other manufacturers have only recently made one similar issue selecting a locomotive with non-standard features.

When you discuss Class 47/4s for long enough, sooner or later the subject of Scottish-based locomotives comes up and it appears almost everyone has fond memories of the machines allocated to Glasgow's Eastfield depot or those that worked from Inverness shed. Somehow, these locos had much more appeal than the plain 'vanilla' ETH Class 47s from Crewe. This, of course, could be down to the fact that they worked scenic routes and carried some of the best known depot emblems. Eastfield had its 'Westie' dog, whilst Inverness applied the outline of a stag as part of its 'Highland Rail' branding.

The two machines have been selected since they feature regional names, roof detail variation, black headcode panels and - of course - because they wore those iconic depot emblems. No. 47617 University of Stirling had several spells at the Highland depot whilst No. 47636 Sir John de Graeme was well known as an Eastfield loco and even managed a short period working for Network SouthEast before being converted to a Res Class 47/7! We are aware that this particular machine was the subject of a Heljan release over a decade ago but the number of specific requests outweighed this.

The models, which will be available individually, will be manufactured to our well established special edition criteria - a once-only 'made to order' production run, never to be repeated. They will include all the regular ViTrains features plus factory-fitted metal handrails and will be supplied in special packaging with our own complimentary sets of photo-etched stainless steel red-backed nameplates. The models are priced at £90 each, with a special discount of £10 if both locomotives are purchased at the same time.

The installation of our highly regarded, custom-designed ZIMO sound project (MX645 decoder) is again being offered for an additional £100 per model. DCC chip-fitting service (MX631) is also available for £30 extra. Both these advanced decoders are equipped with 'electronic flywheel' circuitry with large energy storage capacitors which help prevent poor performance on dirty track or over dead spots. The DCC options are extremely competitively priced compared to other factory-fitted models and you will not be disappointed.

We don't have long to confirm the final order quantity, so don't leave it too long if you want to be guaranteed of securing these highly collectable models. Why not reserve yours now? Just navigate to the large logo Class 47 section of this website here for more details before heading to the online shop. Alternatively, call us anytime on 01780 470086 where we will be happy to take your order details in person.


Railfreight Distribution Class 47 stop press:

Due to slight under-supply from ViTrains before Christmas, you will notice that all but one of the four RfD Class 47s have reverted to 'pre-order' status. Don't worry if you still want to purchase any of these popular models since the outstanding balance is being made up and will be dispatched to us from Italy in March. All original orders were fulfilled but it was a tight run thing so we have created a reservation list for customers since the start of the year. At the time of writing there are good numbers of all models available but the fresh delivery is quickly being pre-sold, leaving less than a couple of dozen of each variant free. All these RfD models have been extremely well received (especially those with free transfers and nameplates) and will never be produced again so this really is the last chance to obtain them. Pre-order through the online shop or give us a buzz now. 

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