‘Double diamond’ Class 47s close to sell-out - order soon!

The Railfreight Distribution Class 47 special editions have been slightly delayed whilst ViTrains incorporate a few minor livery improvements. We've approved the changes and the samples look stunning. Production is now underway in Italy with delivery expected in the next four to six weeks.

UPDATE 12.02.13: Due to slight under-supply from ViTrains before Christmas, you will notice that all but one of the four RfD Class 47s have reverted to 'pre-order' status. Don't worry if you still want to purchase any of these popular models since the outstanding balance is being made up and will be dispatched to us from Italy in March. All original orders were fulfilled but it was a tight run thing so we have created a reservation list for customers since the start of the year. At the time of writing there are good numbers of all models available but the fresh delivery is quickly being pre-sold, leaving less than a couple of dozen of each variant free. All these RfD models have been extremely well received (especially those with free transfers and nameplates) and will never be produced again so this really is the last chance to obtain them. Pre-order through the online shop or give us a buzz now.

VITRAIN'S VICENZA FACTORY is now in full swing manufacturing our four Railfreight Distribution Class 47s after receiving final approval of new livery samples. The models look tremendous and all will feature pre-fitted metal handrails and black painted wheel faces, not to mention a selection of etched nameplates where appropriate. Delivery is expected in the UK at the end of November or very early December.

The un-numbered models are proving popular, and this image shows how No. 47326 Saltley Depot could be portrayed with the included nameplates. In answer to those worried about a more expensive Bachmann model (advertised with incorrect livery), Diamond Jubilee is available in original RfD but the un-numbered RfD Euro model can also be used to represent No. 47365 with the supplied free nameplate pack.

Our models have proved incredibly popular and sales have been recently boosted by Bachmann announcing a similar, but more expensive loco for next year, illustrated by sample wearing incorrectly colours. Working with Paul Chetter, we have also produced an incredible sound project for the Zimo decoders that will not disappoint. Visitors to the Spalding exhibition on November 10th & 11th can get a sneak preview where Paul is giving a ZIMO DCC sound demonstration. We think it is the best Brush Type 4 sound produced to date...

A line up of the pre-productionion models, with some photo-shopped additions such as white window frames, showing number and naming possibilities. We can even add the numbers and nameplates for you for a small charge.

As per our Special Edition agreement with ViTrains, this is a once-only production run, never to be repeated, so don't delay if you haven't ordered already!  Visit the RfD Class 47 section of the website or read back over the news stories to find out more. Call us soon on 01780 470086 if you don't want to be dissappointed.

PS: We also hope to have more news on our heavily delayed Class 33 'Crompton' project in the near future but please be understanding that we are doing everything in our ability to make sure this model is as accurate as possible, which has been a much longer than expected process!

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