Special Edition RfD Class 47s now approved for production

The Railfreight Distribution Class 47 special edition project is nearing completion following the reciept and approval of the pre-production samples. Manufacture in the Italian factory should be completed over the next few weeks with delivery still scheduled for late September-early October.

MYSTERIOUS brown paper packages arriving from foreign places are always exiciting, so we were particularly pleased to recently receive a nice box of goodies from Italy. Keeping to their word, ViTrains has pulled out all the stops to provide us with approval samples of our four special edition RfD Class 47s before the traditional month-long late summer factory shut-down.

A line up of the pre-productionion models, with some photo-shopped additions showing number and naming possibilities. In answer to those worried about a more expensive Bachmann model (advertised with incorrect livery), Diamond Jubilee is available in original RfD but the un-numbered RfD Euro model can also be employed to represent No. 47365 with the supplied free nameplate pack. We can even add the numbers and nameplates for you!

We think they've done a very good job - the models looked stunning as we pulled them from the boxes - and it was interesting to note that the fiddly metal handrails had all been pre-fitted along with bogie footsteps. Careful examination of the 'Brush 4' quartet has now taken place and some minor corrections noted, ready to be incorporated into the production run.

We've also now confirmed the final quantity and have made a good provison for those who haven't decided yet, perhaps waiting to see something more tangable than just artist's impressions! So, now's the time to place that order (if you haven't done so already) before it's too late... the numbers left available are declining by the day as modeller's recognise the good value they represent, especially the un-numbered examples with their bumper complimentary sets of etched nameplates.

We also expect a further last-minute rush when our first Class 47 Zimo DCC sound project is revealed. Initial testing reveals an awsome Sulzer noise with some cracking features - you won't be disappointed. All four locomotives still remain available to purchase at present. However, as soon this small contingency has sold out, that will be it – no more. For details and prices, visit the RfD Class 47 pages on the website here, download the information sheet here or call us anytime on 01780 470086.

V2107 No. 47365 Diamond Jubilee in original RfD garb fills a big gap in the diesel market.

V2109 No. 47555 The Commonwealth Spirit really looks the part with its 'bulled-up' bogies.

V2110 represents the most common features on the 'Euro' machines with cut-away fairings.

V2108 also allows for personalisation and is spruced up ready for naming! Bescot Yard anyone?

Side elevation of the ever-popular No. 47555 in the stylish RfD 'European' colour scheme.

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