Two more sell-outs! GWR 57 and last Class 03s all gone

The last of our remaining stocks of GWR Class 57s and Class 03s have been sold.

THE CUPBOARDS are looking increasingly bare at RAIL EXCLUSIVE HQ as we have now sold the very last GWR green Class 57/6 (No. 57604) and vacuum-braked Class 03 (No. 03160). We are currently in the unusual situation of just taking orders on forthcoming locos, like the Railfreight Distribution Class 47s and Class 33 series.

It's still not too late to place pre-orders on most of the Hornby 2012 diesel and electric items, many of which have been delayed towards the end of the year. And of course, we have good stocks of the incredibly popular Lifecolor BR colours and weathering paints always available. Look out also for our on-line shop for ZIMO decoders and equipment which will be going live sometime soon.

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