'Double diamond' Class 47s latest - sound project announced

Our Railfreight Distribution Class 47 special editions have taken a big step forward with the final order now placed with Vi-Trains in Italy. We can also announce specifications of the exciting sound project which will be used in these locomotives.

CONFIRMATION has now been received from Italy that our order for Class 47 production has been accepted and ViTrains' factory is in the process of compiling components ready for manufacturing to begin over the summer. As well as providing final item quantities, our last requirement was to hand over artwork for each of the four models, ensuring that the correct styles of lettering and logos will be reproduced.

There was a last minute rush for un-numbered models and the order levels are surprisingly similar for each of the four models indicating that there is just as much interest in the original colour scheme as the later 'European' or 'Tunnel' livery. Everyone who has ordered to date has models personally reserved for him or her within the production run.

In view of the high level of interest, and the fact that we know additional customers will come along before they are delivered in September, we have 'topped up' the production quantities to avoid any latecomers being disappointed. This means that ALL locomotives still remain available to purchase at present. However, as soon this small contingency has sold out, which could be quickly, that will be it – no more. Don't hang around if you haven't ordered already! As per our Special Edition agreement, ViTrains confirms this is a once-only production run, never to be repeated.

Top quality sounds confirmed

We are delighted to be able to reveal details of our DCC sound-fitted Class 47s. The models will be equipped with a high-spec Zimo MX645R sound decoder using a larger than usual speaker in a custom designed enclosure. Zimo, the specialist Austrian electronics firm, are recognised as providing the best sound decoders currently available and its products are highly regarded because of their quality and functionality. This set-up has proved to be the most authentic in a blindfolded test of professional railwaymen!

Of course, sounds are only as good as the original recording and editing, and so we are pleased to have joined forces with Paul Chetter, who is widely regarded as the UK authority on Zimo sounds. Paul's comprehensive series of tutorials and articles in Hornby Magazine have been extremely popular.

Together, we have worked hard to come up with an exciting sound file that should satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding 'Brush 4' fanatic. Specifications comprise several driving styles including direct 'throttle' response, coasting, and a more challenging 'manual' mode. As well as switchable no-heat and ETH sounds, we will be providing 'Mainline' and 'Yard' modes to match the size of customers' layouts. This means that users with smaller set-ups will still be able to hear their locos at 'full chat', even whilst shunting. We will be including a few other surprises as well as that distinctive 'spoon' warning horn note!

The Zimo chips include 'stay alive' technology when linked to capacitors to enhance the smoothness of slow-speed running as well as maintaining sound playback and reliability over dirty trackwork. We have planned to maximise the effect of this important and advantageous feature, so that you will benefit from increased reliability without additional costs to pay.

The challenge we have given ourselves is to make this the best Class 47 sound project ever produced. In line with RAIL EXCLUSIVE's policy of offering genuinely special editions, this premier quality sound has been commissioned exclusively for purchasers of our models. We are, therefore, inviting existing customers to upgrade to the sound version now, before delivery by means of a simple phone call or e-mail to sales@railexclusive.com. Newcomers to DCC Sound or Zimo equipment need not be at all apprehensive since full, simple instructions, including a video tutorial, will be provided along with our usual telephone support. Of course, for those with DC analogue control, many of the noises will still be available including engine, automatic braking, start horn, air releases and other appropriate sounds.

For details and prices, visit the RfD Class 47 pages on the website here, download the information sheet here or call us anytime on 01780 470086.

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