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Railfreight Distribution Class 47s in original livery - SOLD OUT

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A TOTAL 110 Class 47 locomotives were painted in this scheme between 1987 and 1993 with many managing to keep their triple-grey colours to the end. Regular power for wagonload ‘Speedlink’ trains before the 1991 axe, they were so commonplace it was hard to think you’d ever miss them. This duo are ideal for a whole host of duties ranging from lightly loaded ‘backwoods’ trip workings right through to heavy trunk trains on mainlines to the north, east, south and west.

Synonymous with Sheffield’s Tinsley TMD, they gained an intriguing selection of names and were often ‘bulled-up’ with white-walled wheels and highlighted window surround for special events. Although the paintwork was to become notoriously faded towards the end their lives they put in much hard work, including the period when a number were fitted with multiple working equipment for Freightliner trains before that division was hived-off in 1995.

No. 47365 (Item V2107) will make a fitting reminder of the Jubilee celebrations. There is, however, no real link to the 2012 event having been named back in 1986 at ICI Wilton, on Teesside, to mark 60 years since the chemical giant made its first shipments by rail. In later years the loco lost its ICI badge above the nameplate. It is a typical freight machine, from the non-heat 47/3 sub class and is modelled after having had its bufferbeam fairings cut away and long range fuel tanks fitted.

  • Catalogue No. V2107
  • Class 47 No. 47365 Diamond Jubilee
  • Railfreight Distribution ‘Original’ livery
  • Refurbished ‘cut-way’ cabs
  • Long-range fuel tanks fitted
  • No. 1 end recessed opaque lenses, No. 2 end recessed marker lights
  • Plated over Universal boiler roof panel.

The second, un-numbered and un-named, locomotive (Item V2108) represents a slightly earlier incarnation of the type. An ideal candidate for personalisation into your favourite RfD machine, including some of the ETH-equipped locomotives, it retains its bufferbeam fairings. A free selection of rub-on number transfers and nameplates are supplied. Remember, we can always apply these for you for a small charge.

  • Catalogue No. V2108
  • Class 47 No. 47___ Un-named
  • Railfreight Distribution ‘Original’ livery
  • Bufferbeam fairings retained.
  • Battery boxes only
  • No. 1 end recessed opaque lenses, No. 2 end recessed marker lights
  • Plated over Universal/Clayton/Stones boiler roof panel.

There is a multiple purchase discount available with this product:
Order more than one Class 47 (any mix of types) and get the second loco for £80, the third loco for £75 and the fourth loco for £70. Discount only applies when models are ordered at the same time.
Same discount applied to DCC versions. If you wish to order more than four locos please telephone.
Maximum 8 models per customer.

A numbering and nameplate fitting service is also available at £20 per locomotive.
Please contact us with requirements.


  • Prices:
    Standard: £85.00 + £3.50 P&P (Recorded Delivery)
    DCC chipped: £115 + £3.50 P&P (Recorded Delivery)
    DCC sound: £185 + £3.50 P&P (Recorded Delivery)

Info and Status

  • Manufacturer: ViTrains Srl., under contract to RAIL EXCLUSIVE.
  • Catalogue Nos: V2107/V2108.
  • Status: SOLD OUT
  • Delivery: Scheduled for September 2012.


  • ‘Made-to-order’ production run
  • Accurate livery representation
  • See-through roof fan grilles
  • Factory-fitted metal handrails
  • Stainless steel nameplates
  • Additional plastic detail parts
  • Working directional lighting
  • DCC socket (8-pin)
  • Optional DCC sound fitting

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