The ‘best kept secret’ by professional modelmakers - the innovative range of Lifecolor weathering paints. Now available from RAIL EXCLUSIVE

RAIL EXCLUSIVE is always on the lookout for new and exciting products that can enhance your modelling experience. We have discovered a range of easy-to-use water-soluble acrylic weathering paints produced under the Italian ‘Lifecolor’ brand, which are extensively used by military modellers with stunning results.

A niche area of the hobby previously the preserve of specialists and often described as a ‘black art’, weathering to make your model rolling stock look more realistic is becoming increasing common. With these pre-mixed sets, most of the hard work has already been done for you! We’ve seen models finished using these paints and the results look most impressive, prompting us to offer them to you, the railway modeller, for the first time.

A 4mm scale 24.5-ton mineral wagon, built from a plastic kit, weathered extensively using colours from the 'Dust & Rust', 'Guns & Weapons' and 'Rail Weathering' packs.

Lifecolor, the paint of choice for many modelling professionals, is known for its colour accuracy. With a very fine pigment, it sprays exceptionally well after thinning and is easily mixed ‘on the go’. The quick drying paints are equally suitable for brushing. Cleaning up is simple, using water and Lifecolor cleaner.

This is our personal selection of packs, including the very latest set of ‘weathered blacks’ and useful ‘rust hues’, which we feel will be of the greatest use to railway modellers. To place an order for any of these paints please click here or on the ‘Lifecolor Shop’ button at the bottom of this page.


12-bottle value pack of Tensocrom ‘active surface agent’ technology paints, which allow glazes to be applied over base colours to shade, dirty or make chromatically uneven. Includes ‘one bottle of paint free’ saving.


  • TSC-207 Oil
  • TSC-208 Smoke
  • TSC-209 Kerosene
  • TSC-210 Fuel
  • TSC-211 Burnt Brown
  • TSC-212 White Oxide

This set comprises:

  • TSC-201 Tensocrom Medium
  • TSC-202 Sand
  • TSC-203 Earth
  • TSC-204 Grass
  • TSC-205 Rust 1
  • TSC-206 Rust 2


This set offers, in a sequence progressing from dark to light, four high coverage matt finish rust pigments with which most oxidation patterns can be reproduced, plus two dust shades to make pleasing stain effects.

This set comprises:

  • UA-701 Rust Dark Shadow
  • UA-702 Rust Base Colour
  • UA-703 Rust Light Shadow 1
  • UA-704 Rust Light Shadow 2
  • UA-705 Dust Type 1
  • UA-706 Dust Type 2


A combination of six typical matt hues to weather or dirty rolling stock and track and structures. Includes frame dirt, track muck, sleeper grime, roof dirt, weathered black and brake dust.

This set comprises:

  • UA-719 Rail Frame Dirt
  • UA-720 Rail Track Dirt
  • UA-721 Rail Sleeper Grime
  • UA-722 Rail Roof Dirt
  • UA-723 Rail Weathered Black
  • UA-724 Rail Brake Dust


Six colours to paint difficult to represent weathered or new wood. This high pigment content is suitable for representing wooden sleepers, structures and both wagon exterior and interiors.

This set comprises:

  • UA-713 Warm Dark Shade
  • UA-714 Warm Base Colour
  • UA-715 Warm Light Shade
  • UA-716 Cold Dark Shade
  • UA-717 Cold Base Colour
  • UA-718 Cold Light Shade


Realism of models is improved if you keep away from pure black. Here’s help in the form of six newly introduced shades of black that include paints for underframes, vehicle tyres and rubber parts.

This set comprises:

  • UA-731 Dirty Black
  • UA-732 Vulcanized Rubber
  • UA-733 Tyre Black
  • UA-734 Worn Black
  • UA-735 Deep Cockpit Black
  • UA-736 Burned Black


A set designed to paint military modeller’s weapons but ideal for worn metallic parts on railway equipment. Includes three base colours for metal surfaces and a special ‘Reflecting Agent’, to give polished effects.

This set comprises:

  • UA-725 Gun Blue Reflection
  • UA-726 Gun Red Reflection
  • UA-727 Gun Grey Reflection
  • UA-728 Light Wooden Stock
  • UA-729 Dark Wooden Stock
  • PG-110 Reflecting Agent


Six common colours that were utilised on British Railways rolling stock in the 1960s to 1980s period including the standardised locomotive liveries and freight rolling stock finishes.

This set comprises:

  • UA-813 Rail Blue
  • UA-814 Standard Loco Green
  • UA-815 BR Maroon
  • UA-816 Rail Grey
  • UA-817 Fitted Freight Bauxite
  • UA-818 Unfitted Freight Grey


This new set, in Lifecolor’s ‘Easy 3’ format, is specifically designed to replicate oil and grease stains and spills. The railway is a dirty environment and an application of these oil and grease effects will enhance any locomotive’s structure and running gear.

This set comprises:

  • UA-261 Exhaust Oil effect
  • UA-262 Dirty Grease effect
  • UA-263 Grease effect


This new set, in Lifecolor’s ‘Easy 3’ format, has been created for buildings and dioramas, an area where there are few specialist paints. Industrial and railway buildings can be enhanced and toned down with these lovely hues inspired by the building site.

This set comprises:

  • UA-737 Worn Brick
  • UA-738 Deposited Dust
  • UA-739 Broken Plaster


This new set, in Lifecolor’s ‘Easy 3’ format, has been created for buildings and dioramas, an area where there are few specialist paints. Traditionally built railway structures will benefit from these useful hues, which include tile, stone and mortar coloured pigments.

This set comprises:

  • UA-740 Old Tile
  • UA-741 Stone Wall
  • UA-742 Lime Mortar


A mixer set designed to keep your blended colours safe.

This set comprises:

  • Six empty re-usable pots
  • Blank labels
  • Three pipettes
  • Six text cards
  • A master dropper


Lifecolor’s own acrylic thinner, recommended for use when diluting for airbrushing. Lifecolor cannot be thinned with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or cellulose thinner.

  • 250ml size bottle


A specially formulated cleaner to preserve the life of your brushes and maintain cleanliness of airbrushes. Dissolves acrylic dried colour residue.

  • 250ml size bottle

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